Leading IoT solutions distributor, Alliot Technologies has today announced its membership of the Northern Powerhouse Partner Programme. An initiative established to drive economic growth, the Northern Powerhouse is dedicated to the development of science and innovation, culture, housing and improving the overall quality of life in the North.

Having launched in early 2019, Alliot has quickly become the UK’s market leader in the distribution of IoT hardware, and has secured a number of agreements to supply products on behalf of leading manufacturers including Netvox, LORIX One, Kerlink and Tektelic.Paul Hayes, Product Development Director at Alliot said:
“Alliot’s aim is to ensure that IoT hardware and products are made easily accessible to all. As new and emerging technologies evolve, we are equipped to supply solutions of any size from proof of concept to large scale commercial deployments. Through our support and technical expertise we enable companies not just in the North, but across the UK and the rest of the world to be innovative and competitive in what is an incredibly exciting area of technology.

“The projects that are supported by IoT technologies will benefit the entire UK economy by improving productivity and services, together with other partners we will begin to move the UK forward to create world class IoT solutions in areas such as Smart Cities and Agriculture.”

Minister for the Northern Powerhouse, the Rt Hon Jake Berry MP said:
“I’m delighted to welcome Alliot Technologies into our network of Northern Powerhouse Partners. Their technical know-how will be a vital tool in enabling businesses adapt to new technology and equipping people with the skills they need to thrive in the global digital economy.

“I look forward to their contribution to developing innovative technologies and boosting productivity, not only in the North but across all regions of the UK.”