Through the largest investment in research and development in 40 years and ambitious plans to build on our world-leading performance, we are creating more opportunities and are committed to supporting science and innovation in the North. The North is already home to many of our brightest minds and centres of scientific excellence, and plays an important role in developing the innovations that will drive productivity and the region’s future economic growth.

The universities in the North provide a quarter of the UK’s science, technology, engineering and maths graduates.

EUREKA’s Global Innovation Summit

EUREKA’s Global Innovation Summit sets the stage for our modern Industrial Strategy which is supporting researchers and academics in world-leading research and making the most of opportunities around the world.

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Innovator of the Year Finalist: Alan Radford

Through our modern Industrial Strategy, which is encouraging more people to pursue careers in the STEM sector, Alan Radford at the University of Liverpool has been shortlisted for the Innovator of the Year 2019 Awards.

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AlgoMech Festival storms Sheffield for its third year

Our modern Industrial Strategy is investing in digital skills, helping to foster closer collaboration between science and art. Take a look at the dancing robots and interactive e-textiles at the AlgoMech Festival.

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Through the government's modern Industrial Strategy, choices for young people are widening, with more routes available to gain the skills needed for a rewarding career. Danielle Flynn, a fourth year degree apprentice, talks about her experience in becoming the first female STEM ambassador for Jaguar Land Rover.

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Northern start-ups boosted by Nexus hub

The University of Leeds' new innovation hub, Nexus, has made a strong start to the year, announcing that it has partnered with tech investment platform NorthInvest, to connect start-ups and SME's within their community to build on local strengths and grow prosperous communities throughout the UK, as part of our modern Industrial Strategy.

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Building the skills our country needs to thrive in a modern economy forms an important part of the industrial Strategy. Amy Broadbelt, a third year apprentice at OneSubsea in Leeds writes about her apprenticeship in engineering and how she is innovating and improving materials to make them lighter and cheaper.

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As part of British Science Week, the University of Manchester hosted Science X! An interactive event where visitors could have a ride in a flight simulator or try out a racing car or create slime. Other activities include programming robots and taking a virtual reality experience as part of a programme that will inspire future generations to get involved in science (or STEM) careers.


James Baker, CEO of Graphene@Manchester at The University of Manchester discusses the road to Graphene City and how it will help change the 2D landscape and build a skilled workforce – a key part of building a Britain fit for the future and the Industrial Strategy.

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Largest Robotics Projects in the UK led by Manchester

The University of Manchester leads two of the largest robotics projects ever funded in the UK and is the central point for a wealth of research on robotics and AI. These projects not only gather together the wealth of talent within the University of Manchester, but also bring together the best robotics researchers from across the UK.

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Edge Hill paves the way for virtual environments

Edge Hill University has created state of the art Technology Hub which is home to the UK’s first super immersive 3D virtual environment, as well as state of the art biotechnology labs, and robots, delivering the biggest shake-up to technical education in a generation so that businesses have the skilled workers they need here in Britain.

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Professor Will Swan from the University of Salford talks about the Haven project which looks at how electric vehicles can start contributing to the energy consumption and production of a house. The project, funded by Innovate UK, is part of a move to cleaner economic growth – a key part of the Industrial Strategy and Clean Growth Grand Challenge.