Manvers Engineering specialise in the design and manufacture of environmentally friendly spill control products for the construction industry. These include the award-winning Plant Nappy, and the recently launched PlantMat.

Manvers Engineering are very proud of their South Yorkshire roots. All their products are manufactured at their premises in Barnsley, sourcing local materials wherever possible, so becoming a Northern Powerhouse partner seemed like the next logical step in the company’s successful journey.

Being a Northern Powerhouse partner will allow Manvers Engineering to engage with other similar businesses, sharing their success stories, and helping to realise the economic potential of the North.

It is over 10 years since Manvers Engineering founder, Colin Ibbotson, launched Plant Nappy to the construction industry. It was born from a conversation with a colleague about the hazards of traditional metal drip trays on construction sites. These would capture any fuel spill, but any subsequent rainfall would mix with the spillage, and potentially overflow into the environment. Colin set about trying to find an environmentally friendly, low maintenance alternative.

The solution was Plant Nappy, a fabric drip tray which would contain any fuel spill within it’s base, whilst allowing any rainwater to pass through its side wall, removing any pollutants and releasing it safely back into the environment. Ready to use ‘straight out of the bag’, Plant Nappy would require no assembly and very little maintenance, making it ideal for use on busy construction projects.

A patent was granted, and Plant Nappy went into production in 2007, causing excitement amongst environmental managers up and down the country.

Plant Nappy’s reputation grew over the years, and it is now the first choice spill control solution of many major construction companies when undertaking new projects. Its innovation was rewarded last year when Plant Nappy received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise (Innovation).

With environmental laws becoming ever tighter, Manvers Engineering continue to develop Plant Nappy to meet ever changing regulations, and ensure it offers complete peace of mind for the end user.

Following on from the success of Plant Nappy, Manvers Engineering last year launched PlantMat, a revolutionary spill control product which turns fuel spills into a solid mass. Like Plant Nappy, it is ready to use ‘straight out of the bag’, and designed to work as a stand-alone product, or fit inside Plant Nappy for ultimate protection.

Manvers Engineering reputation goes from strength to strength, and they continue to research and develop new products to help the construction industry meet their environmental goals and corporate responsibility.