How Sensor City is driving forward the North’s economy

Maximising potential
Sensor City is a real-life example of how universities and businesses are working together to maximise the potential of the Northern Powerhouse. By creating a place-based cluster for sensor and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies in Liverpool City Region, is it putting the North and the UK as a whole on the global map for sensor innovation. Sensor City joined the Northern Powerhouse partner programme in early 2018 and is already playing a key role in driving forward the aims of the initiative, with a particular focus on innovation and education.

Riding the wave of innovation
Maximising the potential of emerging technologies in the UK’s great Northern cities means creating the conditions where the businesses riding this wave of technological innovation can collaborate and thrive. At Sensor City, this means providing a space where innovators can design, build, test and develop their novel concepts into prototypes with speed and accuracy under one roof. It also means providing access to highly specialised equipment that supports the design, development and testing of cutting-edge IoT products, while offering the world-class expertise that can help to propel a great idea through to commercialisation.

Liverpool 5G Consortium
Sensor City is proud to be leading innovation in the health and social care sector, having won one of six Innovate UK grants for the roll out of the latest 5G technology. The aim of the project, which Sensor City is delivering as part of a consortium comprising public health suppliers, the NHS, university researchers, local SMEs and a leading UK 5G technology vendor, is to support health and social care in Liverpool. The project will see high-value technologies deployed to benefit deprived communities across the city affected by the digital divide.

Role of Education
Lack of resources, funding and education are just some of the barriers for companies embracing IoT technologies. Sensor City is therefore helping universities and businesses in the Liverpool City Region to up-skill the future workforce and work together to produce students who have the right skills and who are work ready. Retention of this talent within the North’s economy is also a key priority.
Additionally, Sensor City provides business support and space for graduate start-ups within its building, runs student focussed workshops and offers entrepreneurship programmes and technical internship placements.

Dr Joanne Phoenix, Interim Executive Director at Sensor City said:
“We are pleased to be a contributing factor in driving forward the North’s economy through sensor and IoT innovation. We are fostering collaborations between SMEs, larger corporates, academic institutions and other tech clusters, enabling companies throughout the North to more easily embrace the latest digital technologies, which will strengthen and ultimately future-proof their operations.”