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Time has shown, we are committed to levelling-up

Secretary of State – 23th February 2022 Oscar Wilde famously defined a cynic as someone who “knows the price of everything, and the value of nothing.” In other words, some people will find fault for fault’s sake, deliberately overlooking the benefits so they can carry on having an unearned grumble. It’s an adage which has […]


  Transport Secretary Grant Shapps: 2 July, 2021   By the end of the 1970s, the UK car industry was in a mess. Constant strikes, woeful build quality and the nationalisation of British Leyland had all but destroyed our reputation as a global automotive leader. For each day that German carmakers lost to industrial action, […]


  Transport Secretary Grant Shapps: 4 June, 2021 It is unsurprising that HS2 has a much higher media profile than the Transpennine Route Upgrade (TRU). In fact, if you Google HS2, you’ll generate thirteen times more online search results than Transpennine. And yet, for the many Northern communities it serves, the TRU remains a critically […]

Transforming bus services to deliver ‘turn up and go’ travel

  Transport Secretary Grant Shapps: 20 March, 2021   When the UK team rode into the Olympic stadium in Beijing to take on the torch in 2008, their steed was a bright red double-decker bus. This everyday vehicle, both beautiful and practical, is an icon of modern Britain. Buses are the workhorses of our public […]