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Let’s bring the birthplace of rail into the 21st century

Secretary of State  – 17 February 2022 In just eight years’ time we will celebrate a British first – the 200th anniversary of the world’s first intercity rail service between Manchester and Liverpool, an event which ushered in the railway age and changed transport for ever. The huge success of this first line sparked a frenzied […]

The IRP is reversing decades of declining train services across the North

Secretary of State Grant Shapps: 19 January, 2022 Dealing with criticism is part and parcel of running Britain’s railways. People hold passionate views about how train services can be managed and improved, and I welcome all opinions, as long as they are informed and constructive. However, when they are spectacularly wrong, politically motivated, or likely […]

The Integrated Rail Plan: Ignore doom mongers and naysayers

Secretary of State Grant Shapps: 22 December, 2021  When our Integrated Rail Plan came out last month, it set two records. The first was for the amount of public money spent on railways – a whopping £96 billion – every penny of it being spent in the Midlands and North, supporting connectivity and creating new […]

North-South Divide: What have the Romans ever done for us?

Secretary of State Grant Shapps: 06 November, 2021 The North-South divide – a concept that captivates this country – may be older than many people think. According to a new school of thought, it’s another thing we owe to the Romans. Preferring a warmer climate and easy trade links to the Continent, Roman legions quickly […]